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Ericpol is now part of Ericsson


Programming languages:

  • Java (J2SE, J2ME), C++, C#, C, Embedded C, .NET, Perl, Python, Smile, proprietary: PLEX C, ASA and others

Telecommunications technologies:

  • radio access & core networks being on the 3GPP evolutionary path towards LTE/SAE and EPS:
  • fixed PSTN networks, IMS, mobile:  EDGE, 2G, 3G
  • service layer: legacy CS IN, IMS, NGN (CS and PS convergence)
  • programming models: JCA/JEE, SIP servlet, JAIN SLEE (RA and SBB), Web Services, Parlay/Parlay-X, proprietary: PLEX C, ASA, SIBs and others
  • platform & middleware: HTTP, JEE/and SIP AS, JSLEE AS, proprietary: AXE, CPP, TSP, Blade and others
  • interfaces and protocols: SS7, ISDN, TUP/DUP, CAMEL, ISUP, TCAP, MAP, INAP, CAP, BICC, SIGTRAN, SIP-T, TCP/IP, SIP, UDP, RTP, RTSP, Radius/Diameter, vXML, CCXML and others

M2M technologies:

  • Areas: Infotainment, Telematics, Instrument Cluster
  • Programming languages: assembler, C/C++ (embedded), Java, C#, CAPL
  • Operating systems: uCOS-II, Linux, Meego, OpenAT, Android, Green Hills
  • Technologies: QT, web SERVICES, OpenGL
  • Tools:

– IDE: Eclipse, Visual Studio, Freescale CodeWarrior
– Compilators: Freescale CodeWarrior HC12, RealView ARM
– Bugtracking: MKS Integrity Manager, Mantis
– Requirements management: DOORS
– Versioning system: SVN
– HW debuggers: InDart One, IC3000HS
– SW test: CANCaseXL/CANstress/CANoe/CANlog/CANAnalyzer(Vector), CPPUnit
– Quality verification: QAC, Coverity, Polyspace
– Protocols: CAN, SPI, CMUX, KWP2000, MOST
– Other HW: TQ2440 (Samsung ARMv4), DEVKIT8000 (TI OMAP3530 ARMv7)

IT & web technologies:

  • JEE (EJB, JSF, JMS, JPA, JSP, Servlets, JDBC), Web Services, Spring, Spring Framework, Hibernate, Struts, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, XML, web 2.0 enriched: Ajax, RSS, openLDAP, OSGi, jQuery, jPlot, node.js, OpenDS, openFire, ServiceMix, ActiveMQ

Databases & Backend:

  • LDAP, RDBMS (MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Sybase, Oracle), MongoDB

Software Development Environment:

  • Eclipse, Netbeans, C++ Builder, JBuilder, Jdeveloper, Ant, Oracle Designer, Enterprise Architect/UML, proprietary SCE: SMAS, APSTools, AIDE, RoseRT
  • software versioning and build: SVN, CVS, Maven, proprietary: ClearCase, IBM Rational
  • ticket registering: Mantis, Bugzilla, proprietary MHWeb, SMS/Primus, ClearQuest

Software Test technologies:

  • TTCN, MGTS, TitanSim, Simulated Test Environment, Protocol Analysers, 2G, 3G ‘live’ network simulators


We have developed our proprietary UP-based methodology of project management. At the client’s request we apply versions of generally accessible methodologies and processes or use the best methodologies used by the best in this industry: RUP, PROPS, MIND, PRINCE2, PMBOK, Agile: eXtreme programming, and SCRUM.

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