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Ericpol is now part of Ericsson


As the largest Polish exporter of ICT services, Ericpol is the largest provider for the telecommunications sector. Internet of Things (IoT), development of technology, fiercer competition, opening of new possibilities, necessity of offer diversification and emphasis on cost reduction are all features of market reality we find ourselves best in. In the telco sector our clients include telco operators and providers. We meet their needs offering a broad range of services, such as development of software, its testing, verification, support, maintenance, hosting and many others. We adapt to the individual needs by integrating our solutions with the client’s systems. We also provide consulting services, augment expert teams and offer dedicated solutions prepared in accordance with the client’s directions and based on innovative cooperation.

Sample projects:

  • Support and maintenance of VAS (Value Added Services) services
  • VPN development and integration of the NGIN service
  • Consulting services for VAS integration
  • Analysis of VAS possibilities
  • Development, testing and maintenance of the NGIN VAS platform
  • Development and integration of the Televoting service in the NGIN domain
  • Development and integration of the Virtual service in the PBX NGIN domain
  • Development, testing and maintenance of the GSM network nodes (BSC, MSC, HLR)
  • Development, testing and maintenance of the local telecommunications network nodes (Local, Transit)
  • Development, testing and maintenance of Legacy VAS platforms
  • Development, testing and maintenance of the 3G network nodes (RNC)
  • Courses and training sessions about the NGIN domain
  • Maintenance of the NGIN platform
  • Adaptation of the GSM network nodes
  • Development, testing and support for the 2G and 3G traffic simulation tools
  • Hosting of GSM network node products
  • Development and testing of the IMS network nodes

The level of competence and quality of service performance caused that we have been trusted by the greatest players of the telecommunications industry:

PTK Centertel
France Telecom
Carmen Systems

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