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Trade, logistics, distribution

  • Solutions for the trade industry

We have specialised solutions for Trade built on the Microsoft technological platform, particularly with the use of the ERP-class system of Microsoft Dynamics AX. Individual solutions were created in close cooperation with the clients from this industry, and take its specific character in consideration in their functionalities.

The flexibility of technology used in Microsoft Dynamics AX enables the implementation companies to create new full-value modules adapted to market realities. That is why we are able to adapt the application to your requirements and needs even better.

  • Solutions for companies operating in the logistics area

High Storage Warehouse
The offered solution was prepared by the Development Department on the basis of the Microsoft solution. The application is used to managed operations in warehouses and distribution centres. It is a part of a broader system for Supply Chain Management and Manufacturing, (SCM). This solution enables cooperation of mobile management, full cataloguing, easier management of warehouse employees, and automatically proposes the optimum stock location. The solution may work on the basis of the SQL and Oracle databases.

Radio warehouse handling
The solution is based on terminal radio scanners that cooperate and are closely integrated with the environment of the ERP system of Microsoft Dynamics AX. All actions in the scanners are directly registered in the Microsoft Dynamics AX system, which causes that the scanners perform the role of mobile system users. The scanners are also fitted with laser devices for reading bar codes thanks to which many keyboard entries can be replaced by fast reading of bar codes. Such terminals may be used, for example, when starting the transport of pallets, informing the system about its course, receiving or giving out goods from the warehouse.

Mobile warehouse and production handling
This solution is used to automate the cataloguing and simplifies the coordination of the process of material flow between warehouse and production and the other way round. The programme with mobile bar code scanners automates and greatly accelerates operations in warehouse systems that have previously been performed manually. It cooperates with many external devices operating in the Windows Pocket PC or Windows CE standards, as well as various warehouse systems and ERP-class systems, because information is exchanged in the form of text files. The solution is adapted to the individual organisations of marking goods at the warehouse. The data import and export take place with the use of the docking stations.

  • Specialised solutions for companies operating in the distribution area

Claims and maintenance
The solution helps to fully monitor the process of placing and settling claims and maintenance. Total parameterisation enables the design of document flow for production, maintenance and wholesale companies. At any time it makes available full information about what happens with the placed claim, including the anticipated settlement date, expertise and further steps. The module enables the enforcement of certain events, e.g. keeping deadlines and necessity of filling in certain fields. The solution uses the work-flow document mechanism.

Return packagings
The solution provides clear control over the flow of return packaging within the company. It offers several circulation methods. It allows for the generation of information about unsettled packaging. It supports the financial services in the proper calculation of deposits for packaging not returned within the set time frame. The circulation method for a given client is determined through the selection of packaging, assignation of method to it, and setting of dates of the validity of contract for the specific method. The governing principle here involves one period, one packaging and one method, where every one of these parameters can be redefined on the occasion of further contracts with the client. The registration of circulation with deposit follows the FIFO method. The application registers packaging at the moment of giving them out and receiving. It offers the insight into the number of packaging held at the selected client or all clients at a specific time.

Transport management
The transport module includes functionalities related to the handling of transport events: transport needs for the purchase orders, sales orders and MM movements, as well as transport documents (advice notes) related to them. They also include the files of drivers, vehicles, transport companies and route definitions, and the handling of relations between them. This module can be parameterised

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