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Ericpol is now part of Ericsson


By using its experience in the IT industry Ericpol established cooperation with a representative group of doctor and analysed their needs and expectations. This lead to the creation of drEryk, the best evaluated open medicine programme on the market.

Its value was appreciated by the Centre for Quality Monitoring in Healthcare. drEryk is the only application in Poland that received a positive opinion of this institution. In 2008 the programme was granted the prestigious ‘Teraz Polska’ emblem for the best IT product.

The high assessment of the drEryk programme is constantly being confirmed by positive opinions of thousands of users. drEryk is an intuitive programme that:

  • Is easy to use
  • Shortens the work time for medical personnel
  • Considerably increases the quality and safety of services provided to the patient

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ErLab is an innovative system of secure communication between a software supporting medical centre (eg. drEryk), and another software supporting any analytical laboratory in Poland. The system is designed to automate bilateral communication between laboratories across the country, and the medical centre supported by software such as drEryk. ErLab gathers information concerning the patient’s test results and and transfers it to the doctor, who gave a referral.

The ErLab designers focused on the system to protect data and communication channels. Personal information about patients is encrypted. Such solution prevents the unauthorized from linking medical information with patients personal data. However the patient is able to check his referrals or mediacal examination results via website or easily present it in another hospital or surgery. It greatly shortens the time of diagnosis and helps to avoid medical tests duplications.

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