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Ericpol is now part of Ericsson

Finance and banking

Ericpol is developing a range of domain solutions aimed at solving the specific needs of clients:

  • Enterprise Management Support Systems (ERP)
  • Sales Support Software (CRM)
  • Debt recovery support solutions
  • Advanced integration services based on data buses (ESB) and process engines (BPM)
  • Video-teleconferencing systems
  • B2B portal solutions
  • Data and document processing based on cloud solutions (Cloud Computing)

The above mentioned software and services:

  • enable quick addressing of the needs of our clients – banking and financial institutions
  • enable quick and effective creation of  a range of services for the clients of those institutions
  • shorten the time required to introduce new products to the market

Ericpol also offers software in modern licensing models:

  • lease (Software as a Service)
  • business partnership based on mutual benefits

In addition, Ericpol provides operational services for implemented solutions, i.e. B2B portals or video-teleconferencing systems. Apart from the technical and IT solutions themselves, Ericpol services the implemented solutions from the business side, provides helpdesk services for clients of the institutions and provides information to clients which supports the work with the implemented systems.

The experience and expertise developed at Ericpol according to the best western standards enable us to effectively improve the processes of building and maintaining IT systems and applications at institutions operating in the field of telecommunications, banking and finance, as well as industry.

For the needs of the financial sector Ericpol has prepared special transfer programmes, which enable a reliable and secure transfer of liability for the development and maintenance of all or selected elements of IT systems. Over 20 years of experience in the international transfer of works guarantee the full security of data confidentiality, company secret information and sensitive data.

Why outsourcing?

Handing over the maintenance of IT systems to external companies ensures great cost savings, and what is the most important, enables clients to focus on their core business activity and business development.
Ericpol has implemented and effective mechanisms for mutual accountability on the basis of service quality indicators (Software Level Agreement, Key Performance Indicators). Thanks to this, Ericpol’s clients have full control over costs and the quality of the services rendered by us, as well as the guarantee of their effectiveness.

For clients from the financial and banking sector Ericpol offers:

  • Assuming responsibility for the development and maintenance of selected elements of their IT systems
  • Proven methodology of knowledge transfer, high financial effectiveness and unique solutions
  • Delegation of experts providing support in programming and analytical tasks, as well as project management
  • Extensive expertise and experience, the best communication skills
  • The highest security standards and performance indicators
  • Security and confidentiality confirmed by regular security audits
  • A portfolio of dedicated software supporting financial institutions in the area of basic internal processes and in customer relations
  • B2B solutions – building value and the loyalty of the clients of financial institutions

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