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Ericpol is now part of Ericsson


Ericpol’s telecommunications sector deals with design, provision of solutions and development of software for telco operators and providers. For 25 years Ericpol has been providing services adapted to the client’s individual needs. By combining long-term experience in cooperation with the IT industry leaders with modern technologies Ericpol presents its clients with competitive edge, top quality of services and full technical support.

Expert knowledge in telecommunications resulted in the design of embedded systems used in automotive sector. Ericpol actively participates in the formation of the M2M communications market creating high accessibility software (mission critical software). Ericpol gained its experience in M2M through the cooperation with the Autoliv and Magneti Marelli companies. In order to share its knowledge the company became a member of GENIVI Alliance whose task is to implement and adapt platform based on open software which will enable shortening the time of its production and reducing its production costs. Ericpol is responsible for the process of tests, verification and software quality assurance, as well as tools for testing the platform.

Ericpol’s ICT solutions have also been applied by healthcare. In collaboration with a group of doctors under the aegis of the College of Family Physicians in Poland, Ericpol devised a programme for medical practices named drEryk. The programme met the expectations of physicians, as it improved the work of medical personnel, increased the quality of patient services and is easy to use. The advantages of drEryk were appreciated by the Centre for Quality Monitoring in Healthcare, and drEryk is the only application in Poland to receive a positive opinion from this institution. In 2008 the programme was granted the prestigious ‘Teraz Polska’ emblem for the best IT product. In order to automate the information transfer between medical laboratories, and the drEryk, a secure communication system was created – ErLab, a brand new innovative product of Ericpol.

As Poland’s largest producer of software made to order, Ericpol has a comprehensive set of naturally integrated applications for effective industry management. The BPM, ERP and Business Intelligence applications offered by Ericpol are applied in the industry, broadly understood trade and production management.

The experience and expertise developed at Ericpol according to the best western standards enable us to effectively improve the processes of building and maintaining IT systems and applications at institutions operating in the field of telecommunications, banking and finance, as well as industry. For the needs of the financial sector Ericpol has prepared special transfer programmes, which enable a reliable and secure transfer of liability for the development and maintenance of all or selected elements of IT systems.

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