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TEDxKrakówCinema – September 2013

TEDxKrakówCinema returned after smummer break. On Tuesday 3rd of September TEDx enthusiasts meet togehter at the Pauza Cinema. This time they talked about the design of exhibitions, museums and galleries. Malwina Antoniszczak explained how cooperation with artists works, how to “guide” the viewers through an exhibition, and many other matters related to this topic. Malwina designs exhibitions and is also involved in the design of objects, furniture and interior design.

As an introduction to the subject, the participants watched a speech by Thomas Campbell, “Weaving narratives in museum galleries.” However, the real debate started after Amit Sood’s talk “Building a museum of museums on the web.” We discussed how media are replacing traditional museums, which some participants found Amit’s project to be a great idea as technology now allows us a detailed study of art. However, some fear that this advancement in technology will impact the narrative of shows and the form of viewing works of art. The event ended with a review of sometimes hilarious designs done by David Carson.

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