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TEDxKrakówCinema – May 2014

The main theme of the meeting in May was the question if less is more.We were considering if our constraints have an impact for our everyday lives and if are they helpful or disturbing?

These questions were answered by Barry Schwartz, a psychologist. He was talking about free choice and the meaning of decisions we make every day. Based on shoppings he proved that people who are indecisive according to purchasing goods in supermarkets should turn to smaller shops, where the choice is limited. Internet shopping is an alternative.

The second presentation by Toby Shapshak was about the dynamic expansion of technology in Africa. He pointed out that the direction of technical development is different in every country and depends on the actual needs of its inhabitants.

At the very end we have watched the short movie with Chris Anderson, the main curator of TED in California, speaking how an economical crisis had struck in his publishing house. Despite its bankruptcy, Anderson found a new way to express his creativity – bringing to life TED conference.

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