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TEDxKrakówCinema – July 2013

The last TEDxKrakówCinema before the summer break belonged to the audience. We drew random TEDTalks that had been submitted by the participants.

The first TEDTalk that we drew was Rory Sutherland’s talk “Life Lessons from an Ad Man”. Rory’s amusing and ironic presention touched on how advertising changes our perception of the product, not the product itself. The discussion touched on some of Poland’s most striking advertising campaigns and on what can be done so that the advert does more than just advertise the product.

Secondly, we watched Sheryl Sandberg’s talk on “Why we have too few women leaders”. We talked about social stereotypes of gender and of the consequences that follow. We wondered why there are fewer women than men in top positions in politics and business and how we, as individuals, can change this, where should this change start and what can we do about it.

The last film of the evening was by Hans Rosling, “Let my dataset change your mindset.” During his speech at the U.S. State Department, Hans Rosling used his fascinating software to present data and refute the myths associated with developing countries. His talk isn’t just about a (very interesting) collection of data on government subsidies in the world, but also an excellent lesson in reading statistics.

After the formal end of the meeting, as always we reconvened downstairs in Klub Pauza to continue the discussion.

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