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TEDxKrakówCinema – February 2014

On the last TEDxKrakówCinema a tolerance was the main topic. The participants watched three TEDtalks related to the tolarance itself – in sexual and religious context, but also in accordance with politics of reluctance.

The first speaker was LZ Granderson, who was speaking about gay propaganda myth. During his speech LZ proved that both heterosexual and homosexual lifestyle are quite similar. The problem is just lack of acceptance.

The following movie presented us an interesting experiment of A.J. Jacobs, a journalist, who tried to live for an entire year according to the Bible. He decided to treat all the Bible’s rules literally. As a result he lost his job, enlarged his family, but he also proved that sticking to the rules from Holy Book without an interpretation is pointless and harmful.

The last speech was performed by David Pizzarro, a psychologist. He presented us a human sensitivity to reluctance signals and showed us, what disgusting photos and political prefferences have in common.

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