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TEDxKrakówCinema – April 2014

This time the main theme was a dance, especially, what gives us, how it’s like to be a professional dancer and dance limitations.

To start with, the participants watched a speech, whose author – John Bohannon – encouraged to change powerpoint into dance as a tool for presentations. Since there were a lot of dancers among the audience, this TEDTalk inspired them to discussion about ways to make the audience focused during entire presentation. They also considered pros and cons of such idea of communication and which parts of life and science are possible to illustrate with a dance.

The second TEDTalk with Wayne McGregor, choreograph, was about ways of communication between a dancer and the audience. The presentation allowed us to understand how a dancer creates choreography and which visualization techniques are used to do it.

The last Angela Patton’s presentation showed us how to get closer to each other with a dance. SHe told a beautiful story about groups of fathers and daughters, who built a strong and close relationship thanks to dance, even if there were unfavourable conditions.

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