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TEDxKraków 2013

12 speakers shared with the audience with their ideas on October 25 during a conference “TEDxKraków 2013” in “Stara Zajezdnia” in Kraków. During the event Ericpol – Platinum Partner of TEDxKraków – conducted an analysis of the needs and expectations regarding passenger transport in its café.

The first session of the conference was entitled “Making Places”. The first speaker was Anna Nacher, who told us about what creates the magic of Krakow . According to her, it’s a rumor and invisible network of connections between people that makes Krakow teeming with life . The second speaker was Jeroen Beekmans, who convinced us that each of us – the urban population – is responsible for city’s development and improvement.

“Get your hands dirty” is the title of the second session of the conference. The first speaker was Richard Satava , a creator of robots that will revolutionize our operating rooms. Adam Karcz told the story of his team, the only one from Europe that was invited to the contest organized by NASA. 5 days before the presentation, it turned out that the competition robot, they worked for a year was lost, and the team decided to build a new one. New robot admittedly did not win the main prize, but the whole team has been selected for determination. As a third of the stage came Trine Hahneman, which argued that food is something that brings people together and builds community better and more durable than social media .

The theme of the third session of the conference was “Making Together”. As the first in a red circle appeared a journalist Steve Crawshaw , present in Poland, Czech Republic, Egypt, Burma and China during the ground-breaking political changes in these countries. The next speaker was Waldemar Domanski, who wants to revive the national holidays using songs and humor. According to Roger Antonsen math is not just about solving equations, but rather communicate through symbols . The last speaker of the third session was Janusz Makuch, founder of the Krakow Jewish Culture Festival.

The last session – “Making Makers” began with Ralph Talmont, who came up with the idea how to change the stereotype of Polish people as hostile and pessimistic people. The next speaker was Agnieszka Stach, a law student and author of two blogs, which in an accessible way explain the various legal issues.  Michal Żołnowski – doctor by day, asteroid hunter by night, he built his own astronomical observatory. The last came on the scene Gever Tulley, arguing that people should allow children do ” too dangerous” things.

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