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Ericpol is now part of Ericsson

Open Cloud Solutions

Ericpol cooperates with the OpenCloud company within the scope of resale of the Rhino JAIN SLEE platform. The “Reseller Agreement” allows Ericpol to design, create and implement services at the Rhino JAIN SLEE platform, use the platform to create dedicated solutions in the JSLEE technology, and offer full solutions to the end client.

In addition, this agreement provides for the issues related to cooperation between the companies in the area of creation of the VAS application solutions at the Rhino platform, as well as offering of such solutions on the market. As the partner of OpenCloud, Ericpol offers licences and sells the Rhino platform in the form of:

  • Component of a dedicated solution,
  • Platform of the VAS application meeting the client’s requirements,
  • And provides related technical support.

The agreement also allows Ericpol to offer specialist training sessions concerning the JAIN SLEE technology.


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