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Company Communication Solutions – SharePoint 2010

The Microsoft SharePoint programme is a comprehensive business platform of cooperation for enterprises and the Web network. The SharePoint programme enables the mutual interaction of users and access to contents and information aimed at the increase in productivity. SharePoint 2010 offers:

  • Enabling the users to connect in the best possible way regardless of the fact whether they use a computer, a browser or a phone
  • Reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) thanks to the functions that can be introduced in the company or treated as handled services
  • Designing and creating solutions that enable the usage of existing data of the enterprise, tools and processes with the simultaneous support for innovations

SharePoint 2010 is the world’s leader in the portal solutions market thanks to its rich functionality that, by standard, includes advanced mechanisms of content and work-flow management, cooperation, BI and search. The latest and most technologically advanced version of SharePoint is intuitive, flexible and naturally integrates with other Microsoft solutions.

The SharePoint 2010 programme is a comprehensive platform of company communication which, by standard, includes the following functions:

  • Group work – simple and functional working spaces, mechanisms for gathering information and documents in various forms, integration of mail, calendars, cooperation and project management, possibility of offline work,
  • Work-flow and content management – expanded mechanisms of content creation and management, management of work-flow, archives and Web network content,
  • Information search – centralised and fast search for contents, search for business data, search management, possibility of expanding and programming,
  • Reporting – Business Intelligence element – consolidation and fast analysis of large quantities of data, possibility of creating report spaces, KPI indicators, Excel Services management,
  • Business processes and cooperation with business environment (including platforms of electronic document exchange, Internet shops, mobile systems) – mechanisms allowing for the fast creation and integration with business applications, real-time data correctness control,
  • Portal – practically unlimited cooperation thanks to Intranet templates, community networks, possibility of searching for people, work from any place.

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