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ERP-class solutions – Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX is a comprehensive application supporting the management of key business processes addressed to medium-size and larger enterprises that is fully compatible with the Microsoft Office suite. The Microsoft Dynamics AX system was designed so as to help running business activities in various locations and countries. It is possible thanks to the standardisation of processes and the assurance of insight into the condition of the whole organisation. This system makes you certain that the adopted tool for activity management meets and will meet the employers’ needs and requirements of the industry and business.

  • Role Centres

Role Centres are predefined home pages including the set of information matched to the needs of the company’s employee performing specific function in the company (accountant, sales person, buyer, warehouse manager, director). Available information includes, for example, lists of tasks to be performed, open cases, frequently used sets of documents, and key information in the business intelligence area that are presented on the main screen in a user-friendly form.

  • Logistics

The system enables the flexible management of reserves and supplies in accordance with the company’s needs. Available functions handle forecasts, classification and tracing of reserves, which also enable the effective creation of BOM specifications and their management.

  • Planning

Includes advanced forecast functions handling long-term planning that form the basis of modern managed sales and production, and leads to the optimisation of the level of logistics costs. They also allow for simulations of potential scenarios in order to select the most profitable variant.

  • Warehouse management with the WMS option

Allows flexible definition of the number and layout of warehouses, creation of virtual warehouses and supervision of goods during their transfer between the warehouses. It also handles multi-storey warehouses and various racks and may be adapted to changing needs, e.g. by setting the method of completing the order, unloading and loading zone, and thus ensure maximum effectiveness of the warehouse processes.

  • Trade

Enables real-time insight in the plans of sales and reserves accessibility. It ensures control over delivery dates, which helps to make more precise declarations concerning orders and deliveries.

  • Sales management

Enables the review and analysis of measures and performance of individual sales employees, salesman teams, as well as the entire sales organisation according to the selected registered values.

  • Finances management

Full integration with other functions of the Microsoft Dynamics AX system facilitates the real-time registration of financial data in the ledger in order to reflect the processes taking place within the company and enable the fast generation of precise financial reports.

  • Production

Helps to flexibly manage the company’s production resources, and thus use them in a way that ensures maximum profitability.

  • Production control

Helps to considerably accelerate the execution of administrative tasks and, simultaneously, increase the reliability of data about the employees’ working time and attendance.

The solutions designed by the Dynamics ERP Team of the Ericpol company added to the Dynamics AX standard (Dynamics solution technology) enables the implementation companies to create new full-value modules adapted to market requirements. Ericpol’s portfolio includes a whole range of added solutions:

  • Advanced functional package for handling of Magazyn Wysokiego Składowania (High Storage Warehouse),
  • Traffic maintenance
  • BizIntegrator
  • Return packaging
  • Radio warehouse services
  • Transport management
  • Claims and technical maintenance
  • Mobile warehouse and production services

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