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Ericpol is now part of Ericsson

Microsoft Solutions

We have concluded partnership agreement with Microsoft. Our products based on the Microsoft offer and technology within which we develop our competences are Dynamics AX (ERP), Sharepoint 2010 portal (base platform of solutions in the area of company communication) and the BIS-AX system (BI).

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX – is a set of integrated and adaptable applications supporting business activities that enable the employees to make vital decisions on the basis of specific and reliable data,
  • Solutions authored by the Dynamics ERP team added to the MS Dynamics AX standard – the technology of MS Dynamics solution enables the implementation companies to create new full-value modules adapted to the market requirements,
  • Services of support and technical development – we suggest proven model of partnership cooperation based on determined agreement. We offer the selection of two support models: the Basic, Standard and Premium subscription model, and the Support Ready model.
  • SharePoint 2010 – is a comprehensive business platform of cooperation for enterprise and the Web network. The SharePoint programme enables mutual interaction between users and access to contents and information aimed at the increase of productivity.
  • BIS product from the Business Intelligence class of the Evidanza company expands the ERP MS Dynamics system (AX and NAV) and SAP with highly effective instruments supporting the decision-making process at all functional areas.

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