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Work with Agile Software Development – SCRUM

Duration: 5 or 6 hours
Number of participants: recommended minimum 4, maximum 12

Course objectives
During this course participants will receive a solid grounding in SCRUM and its core principles. They will learn how to apply  SCRUM techniques and tools in their teams and how to benefit from them. After completing the course participants will be familiar with:

  • Agile manifesto
  • SCRUM roles
  • SCRUM meetings
  • SCRUM artefacts
  • SCRUM flow
  • Tools used in SCRUM projects.

A 60 minute SCRUM which simulates a three-day sprint from start to finish will give participants the opportunity to check how the SCRUM methodology works in practice.

Target audience
This course has been created for IT professionals who are interested in implementing SCRUM methodology in software development. It is suitable both for engineers, project leaders and managers.

There are no prerequisites for this course.

Learning method
The course is based on theoretical presentation and  interactive and team-based exercises which show different aspects of Scrum such as estimations or Daily SCRUM. Participants will also take part in a short SCRUM Sprint simulation, they will have a chance to practice planning, work, demo.  During the training there will be also time to discuss and solve the most common SCRUM problems.

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