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To Charge or not to Charge with Diameter

Duration: 1 day
Number of Participants: recommended minimum 4, maximum 12

Course objectives
The main objective of the course is description of the Diameter protocol functions, messages and its usage in modern packet networks. Presentation of this AAA protocol includes usage of Diameter in IMS and LTE networks which gives obligatory background for variety of aspects, from authorisation to accounting processes. Course consists of following subjects:

  • AA model, RADIUS and protocol evolution
  • Diameter protocol specification
  • Diameter Extension Applications (DCCA, Mobile IPv4, etc)
  • Cx/Dx interface and messages according to standard
  • Sh/Dh interface and messages according to standard
  • Charging in IMS network (Rf/Ro Interface)
  • Role of Diameter in IMS and LTE networks (typical interfaces)
  • Troubleshooting in packet networks (related to Diameter)

Target audience
Course is intended for telecom professionals working with software development, testing and verification or network administration, mainly related to Application Servers and IMS/LTE networks.

The course will be more beneficial for engineers familiar with general knowledge of data communication and packet-like networks (IMS, LTE, TCP/IP). For background knowledge, we recommend “IMS Overview” and “EPS – 4G System” courses.

Learning methods
The course is delivered in the form of lectures, discussions and reviews.

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