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This is Lean

Duration: 6 hours
Number of Participants: recommended minimum 6, maximum 12

Course objectives
The course is based on book “THIS IS LEAN. RESOLVING THE EFFICIENCY PARADOX” written by NIKLAS MODIG & PÄR ÅHLSTRÖM. During the This Is Lean course participants will receive a solid grounding in Lean approach as an operations strategy that prioritises flow efficiency over resource efficiency. This course is designed to give you a thorough understanding of the concept of Lean approach in production, IT and any other process-based organisations. Course consists of following subjects:

  • From resource focus to customer focus
  • Processes are central to flow efficiency
  • The efficiency paradox
  • This is LEAN!
  • Lean operations strategy

Target audience
The course is intended for all stuff interested in lean approach and the way leading to optimal balance between flow efficiency and resource efficiency.


General professional experience with process modelling or process management is recommended.

Learning methods

The course is based on theoretical presentation, case studies and interactive exercises which demonstrate different aspects of lean approach to a process.

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