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TCP/IP Overview

Duration: 3 days
Number of Participants: from 4 to 10 (optimal 8 people)

Course objectives
The main objective of the course is to explains the perils of TCP/IP networks, with stress on architecture, protocols, routing and basic implementation issues of TCP/IP environment. The practical exercises explain data transmission flow, packet / segment format and connection control on selected distributions of Linux / Windows operating systems. The granularity of the scope involves most important protocols on each layer (4-layer model only) and basic implication of protocols like: Ethernet, IPv4, TCP, UDP, ICMP or RTP.
Course consists of following subjects:

  • Model of the TCP/IP like network and layered approach
  • Concept of connectionless and connection oriented services using TCP/IP network
  • Major protocols in each layer: data link, network, transport
  • Data delivery to destination node (routing) in TCP/IP networks, what is static and dynamic routing and what should be application activities for optimal routing
  • Major problems and errors during communication between nodes in the multi-network environment + typical troubleshooting related to selected protocols
  • Way to analyze data transported in LAN (logical segment) using capturing tool and OS commands
  • Major differences of TCP/IP congestion control implementation in different OS, basic configuration of networking issues and bugs reporting

Target audience
Employees from different teams and departments who needs to understand TCP/IP protocol structures and functions will benefit from this course. This course also provides excellent preparation for more advanced networking training (detailed protocol implementations or network administration).

Knowledge of following topics is recommended: general description and functionality of the telecommunication networks, computer network architecture and concept of packet networking.

Learning methods
Training was created as a lecture in form of presentations, practical configuration, reviews and time for questions, for maximum assimilation of information by the participants.

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