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SS7 Signalling in GSM Core Network

Course objectives
The SS7 Signalling in GSM Core Network is a course aimed to present key aspects of inter-exchange signalling technology in GSM and ISDN network in relation to layer structure of SS7 model and ISO/OSI model. Course presents the most important signalling protocols used in telecommunication network between database layer and network layer. On completion of the course, participants will have knowledge about SS7 Signalling, e.g.:

  • Structure and function of different layers of the SS7 protocol stack
  • Differences between SS7 protocols in application layer and NSP layer
  • Structure of the signalling network, signalling model CAS and CCS
  • MTP divided to layers: Signalling data link, Signalling link, Signalling network function
  • MTP message type: MSU, LSSU, FISU
  • Signalling protocol: MTP, SCCP, TCAP, INAP, MAP, CAP, ISUP and differences between message type, structure and function between each protocol supported by log analysis

Target audience
The course will be beneficial for junior specialist and specialist in 2G network and those who want to develop their skills in signalling communication in the GSM network.

The course will be more beneficial for people with general knowledge of GSM Network and ISDN Network. “GSM Overview” is a proposition of pre-training.

Learning method
The course is based on presentation and log analysis.

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