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SIGTRAN – SS7 Signalling over IP

Duration: 2 days
Number of participants: recommended minimum 4, maximum 12

Course objectives
The SIGTRAN – SS7 signalling over IP is a course aimed to cover the aspects of signalling issues provided in packet networks. Typical SS7 solution (PCM-based) is going to be transported via famous and ubiquitous IP protocol. Even though worldwide SS7 signalling protocols are still used in fixed, mobile and computer like networks – telecom providers must consider more economic ways of transportation. The main objective of the course is to present differences to standard PCM-like way of signalling transportation and to point out key positives and negatives of such a solution. After the course participants will have knowledge about):

  • SIGTRAN idea, IP networking, adaptation layers from SS7 in TDM to IP networks
  • Stream Control Transmission Protocol – way to deliver messages over unreliable network
  • Typical adaptation layers in SIGTRAN (M2UA, M3UA, SUA, IUA)
  • Practical issues related to redundancy, reliability or evolution of signalling to SIGTRAN
  • Traffic cases and call flows – typical scenarios, related to signalling messages in IP

Target audience
Course is intended for employees from design and maintenance teams and domains supporting signalling over IP networks or multi-domain networks. The most beneficial will be for professionals in the telecom requesting details on SIGTRAN signalling (design, testers, maintenance).

The course will be more beneficial for engineers familiar with general knowledge of networks, especially familiar with SS7 signalling experience and IP networking issues. For background knowledge, we recommend “SS7 signalling in Core Network” and “TCP/IP Overview” courses.

Learning method
Training was created as a lecture with hands on training and practical exercises (e.g. logs) related to SIGNalling TRANsport.

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