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Duration: 1 day
Number of participants: recommended minimum 4, maximum 12

Course objectives
This course aims to introduce participants to the Abstract Syntax Notation number one. The presentation on ASN.1 includes:

  • Introduction to the Abstract Syntax Notation and description of its main concepts
  • Description of the notation elements, aimed to prepare the participants to easily understand the ASN.1-based specifications
  • Detailed description of the Basic Encoding Rules with examples of usage

The course can be adapted to CER or DER encoding formats on demand.

Target audience
Telecoms professionals who need technical details on ASN.1 notation and BER encoding rule.

The course will be more beneficial for people with some technical background. It is especially useful if participants are familiar with the basics of at least one computer programming language and binary/decimal/hexadecimal numbers conversion.

Learning method
The course is presentation-based. Apart from the lecture part, it includes practical exercises in encoding and decoding.

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