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Ericpol is now part of Ericsson


The Ericpol Training Centre has been executing training programmes since 2004. In this period our trainers conducted almost 1000 training sessions all over the world, including Poland, United Kingdom, Sweden, the Republic of Kenya, the Republic of Uganda, the Republic of  South Africa, Brazil, Mexico, the United Arab Emirates and India.

The selected opinions of our clients about the delivered training courses are presented below. Full references for the Ericpol Training Centre are available at the clients’ special request.

‘The training programme fulfilled our requirements. I recommend the Ericpol company as a partner in delivering of telecommunications training programmes on LTE ‘.
Radio Network Planning and Quality Director, P4
See: Reference letter from P4 after LTE training programme (1,44 MB)

‘With full responsibility I recommend the Ericpol Sp. z o.o. company as a partner in the execution of workshops in telecommunications solutions of JAIN SLEE/SIP Servlets.’
– Head of Laboratory, Orange Labs Polska
List referencyjny JAIN SLEE SIP Servlets 2008 dla TP SA

‘Dedicated for the team of designers and architects and including SS7 and SIGTRAN protocols, the training programme fully met our expectations.’
– Consulting & System Integration Manager, Ericsson sp. z o. o.
See:  List referencyjny SS7 i Sigtran 2010 dla Ericsson (PDF, 201 KB)

‘The workshops were prepared in a professional manner. The lecturer had broad knowledge about the present subject. (…) The used examples illustrated the discussed matters well. The training received positive response from its participants.’
– Head of Department, Telekomunikacja Polska (France Telecom Group)
See: List referencyjny JAIN SLEE 2009 dla TP SA

‘The AXE, PLEX-C and ASA workshops were successful, the participants were satisfied with the content and the pedagogical methods’.
– Training Center Manager, Ericsson Hungary, Ltd.
See: Reference letter AXE 2010 for Ericsson Hungary

‘We are very pleased with the way the 2Gsim towards SEA training was performed and with the high quality level of the training’.
– Competence Manager, Ericsson AB
See: Reference letter 2GSim 2009 for Ericsson

‘The closed SIP Servlets & JAIN SLEE workshops conducted by the Ericpol trainers were positively received by the Ordering Party.
– Head of the IN Prepaid Department, PTK Centertel
See: List referencyjny JAIN SLEE SIP Servlets 2008 dla PTK Centertel

‘High quality didactic materials and the skilful presentation of vast and complex issues in a clear way indicate professionalism and high competences of lecturers. The classes enjoyed great interest on the part of students. Ericpol fully met our expectations.’
– Department of Microelectronics and Computer Science,
Technical University of Łódź
See: List referencyjny TKB 2010 dla PL

‘The previous experiences gained during the cooperation with the Ericpol company allow us to state that it is a professional and trustworthy company whose services can be fully recommended to our partners’.
Lodz City Hall
See: List referencyjny szkolenie telekomunikacyjne UML

‘The organised training enjoyed great interest among students and graduates. There were much more applications than available seats. The training was also highly evaluated by the participants.’
– Head of Career Office, Cracow University of Technology
See: List referencyjny Politechnika Krakowska

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