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Ericpol is now part of Ericsson

Strategy and Models

We provide solutions adapted to the needs and expectations of the client, the market and the business environment assuming, at the same time, neutral role in the case of competing technologies. We create dedicated solutions and build unique value on the telecommunications and IT market at the time of its technological, business and methodological transformation. We achieve this through the skilful usage of 25 years of experience, retention of technological continuity on the market in the area of networks, systems and added services in telecommunications with the simultaneous combination of knowledge and high-class competences in modern and open platforms and technologies, such as OSA/Parlay, SIP, IMS and Diameter.

The inclusion of innovation and research-and-development phase for dedicated solutions to the early stages of commercialisation is of key importance for the creation of software. That is why Ericpol offers not only unique research-and-development services, integration of solutions and applications but also support for the innovation cycle of the client’s product.

Ericpol offers full services related to the employment of dedicated solutions starting from the gathering of requirements, design, implementation and tests, to the services of integration, support and maintenance.


  • Fixed Price

The fixed price model is one of the business models adopted by Ericpol which involves the delivery of certain amount of work to the client within the framework of the fixed price. Basing on the client’s requirements the company delivers solutions and takes full commercial responsibility for them. This model provides for a considerable transparency of costs estimated by the client at the beginning of the project and updated according to the set business model.

  • Time and Material

The Time and Material model is used by Ericpol particularly in the area of technical consulting and outsourcing. Ericpol participates in the development process at the client’s premises offering world-class software engineers, while the client pays for the value and knowledge contributed during the execution of tasks and projects used to meet the client’s needs.

  • Revenue Share

This model turns out really well in case of dedicated solutions. Together with the client, Ericpol takes up responsibility for the creation of innovative solutions and introduces them in the real network. In this model Ericpol and the client are business partners, and share both necessary investments, and profit and risks.

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