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Ericpol is now part of Ericsson

Solutions delivered by providers of telecommunication solutions

  • Newly introduced (adaptation for market)

Business case study of a company from the automotive industry (Autoliv SWE):

Sub-assembly supplier for automotive industry needed to adapt the telecommunication application to its products, which were provided for a large automotive concern. The application had to ensure data transmission from systems monitoring the safety of the vehicle.

The project was entirely entrusted to Ericpol, who performed analysis of the solution’s architecture, prepared and tested the required functionality, providing a ready to be used product.

Our client could provide the required solution to a large receiver without the need to build up its own competence and infrastructure in a new field. Thanks to cooperation with Ericpol, it was possible to radically shorten the delivery time of the solution and reduce costs and project risk.

  • Stabilized (mainstream)

Business case study of telecommunication solutions manufacturer (Ericsson NL):

The telecommunication solutions provider planned to withdraw a former application server. The transition to a new platform was combined with the need to migrate a Value Added Services application based on which telecommunication operators were providing their commercial services.

Ericpol was entrusted with migration of the Personal Greeting Service application to a new platform. Thanks to an efficiently performed migration, former users could use the application on a new platform without any problems, and, in addition, PGS services could be offered to new clients.

Entrusting Ericpol with customization allowed them to relieve the provider’s R&D team and to limit the costs of operation.

Business case study of telecommunication solutions provider (Ericsson SWE):

The international provider of telecommunication solutions needed to complement the functionality of their multimedia application platform.

Ericpol provided a solution based on required examples of use and performed their system verification. Thanks to cooperation with Ericpol, the provider could lower the costs of functionality required by telecommunication operators without employing its own research and development team to do the work.

  • Decadent or final (end-of-life)

Business case study of telecommunication solutions provider (Ericsson NL):

The provider of telecommunication solutions was looking for possibilities to lower costs of support needed to upkeep the stabilized platform in the telecommunication operator environment.

Ericpol was entrusted with the task of taking over upkeep and Ericpol was, among others, responsible for implementation of amendments correcting bugs found during the use of the platform.

Thanks to such a solution, the provider could lower the costs of necessary support and avoid long-term employment of its own resources to support a platform which is no longer developed.

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