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Ericpol is now part of Ericsson

Existing solutions, to which the user has the rights to modify

Case study of telecommunication software provider (AEPONA UK for BT):

The telecommunication solutions producer was looking for the possibility of taking over the upkeep of the ADQ application, which was used by the local operator. The goal of the undertaken project was to retain the former costs paid by operator and, at the same time, increase the level of responsiveness and achieve services provided in the same time zone by personnel with a similar organizational and business culture.

Services which met client’s requirements were provided by Ericpol, who took complete responsibility for not only the technical aspects related to upkeep of the former support level, but also for logistic aspects related to necessary knowledge transfer.

Thanks to cooperation with Ericpol, the telecommunication solutions producer could provide the services required by operator without the need of building its own competences as well as ensuring the infrastructure. Additionally, the provider used the synergy related to the localization proximity of the supported operator and Ericpol.

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