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Ericpol is now part of Ericsson

Why Ericpol

In the course of over twenty-year presence on the international telecommunications and ICT market Ericpol developed into a brand of reliable partner in Business. The strengths of Ericpol are:

  • Competence

As a result of 23 years’ experience based on work of over 1700 highly skilled engineers and execution of over 800 projects in 75 countries worldwide.

  • Innovation

We understand it as constant improvements that translate into value for our customers.

  • Flexibility

Ericpol is perfectly flexible in reacting to constantly changing customer needs.

  • Effectiveness

We act with the highest respect for our customers time and money.

  • Quality (KPI*)

Well defined KPIs ensure the highest quality of our services.

* Key Performance Indicators are indicators of performance applied to organisations in order to define and assess the efficiency of those organisations, usually in the matter of progress towards long-term goals.

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