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‘Time for IMS’

5 February 2007

At this year’s 3GSM World Congress, February 12-15 in Barcelona, Ericpol Telecom will show innovative applications operating in the IMS environment both on its own exhibition stand and also on the stands of its partners, BEA Systems Inc. and Nortel.

‘As we can see, the IMS market has gained momentum: there are increasing business opportunities and a growing interest in IMS-based services among operators. In co-operation with BEA we have created a solution which serves as a bridge between the state-of-the-art technology and the existing networks. After the six months that have passed since launching the application in the United States, we can say that we are practically the only European company which can deliver this kind of service in the global market’, says Walter Zieliński, Ericpol CTO.

IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) is a technology which allows telecom operators to deliver services based on the IP protocol. As it combines the Internet, TV and fixed and mobile telephony, IMS is becoming the key technology in the field of convergent telecom solutions. The technology makes it possible to implement the most advanced services. While being fast and accessible, it also offers high quality and low costs.

Integration is the essence of the prepaid application developed by Ericpol: it enables supporting both completely new telecommunications technologies and also those already in use. The prepaid service will be presented on the stand of Ericpol’s partner, BEA Systems Inc. There, Ericpol will also show its original solution for Business Process Management.

A demo of another pioneering IMS solution, the televoting application developed by Ericpol, will also be exhibited at the Congress. The application integrates the IPTV (TV based on the IP protocol) and the IMS environment. On Nortel’s stand Ericpol will show how the service operates, using the example of an opinion poll on a chosen player during a televised football match. The televoting application is yet another innovative solution in global telecom technologies that has been developed over the last year by Ericpol Telecom, a company based entirely on Polish capital.

On its stand Ericpol will present a full portfolio of IN and IMS applications. The company has been consistently rising to the market challenge of combining the various needs of operators, service providers and end-users with legal requirements. Ericpol solutions integrate the advantages of modern technologies (IN, NGN) with simplicity of use and maintenance (IMS, SDS applications).

At the 3GSM 2007 Congress Ericpol Telecom will introduce its new visual identity.

‘The image of perfection-driven Nature best reflects what we do and what we’re trying to achieve. The ICT sector is under constant evolution, new technologies appear in the blink of an eye, striving for perfection at all times. And so does the butterfly, our symbol’, says Jan Malkiewicz, Ericpol Corporate Communication Manager, commenting on the change of the company visual identity.

BEA Systems Inc. is a world leader among companies providing infrastructure software for enterprises.

Nortel is a world leader in Internet telecommunications and one of the biggest providers of telecom infrastructure worldwide.

The four-day-long 3GSM World Congress 2007, which is by far the most important event of the year in the telecommunications industry and sets new telecom trends for the whole world, will host 1300 exhibitors, 200 guest speakers (managers of the biggest international telecom companies), and 57 thousand visitors. As last year, the 3GSM Congress (presentations, discussion panels and display of the latest products) will be held in Fira de Montjuic, Barcelona.

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We look forward to meeting you in Fira de Montjuic, stand Ericpol 2.1 A01

BEA Systems Inc. stand hall 1 booth B22, Nortel stand hall 8 booth B145 and C141

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