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The third season of the Banach Prize competition has commenced

9 November 2010

The third season of the International Banach Prize competition is underway. This year, the competition is also open to PhD students from three Scandinavian countries i.e. Finland, Norway and Sweden. The prize of 20 000 PLN is one of the highest sums of money awarded in mathematics in Poland, and it was founded in 2008 by the Polish Mathematical Association and Ericpol Telecom, a Polish IT company.

It is the aim of the competition to promote young, talented scientists and create an opportunity for the presentation of their achievement to the general public. Mathematics is universal, it knows no boundaries – by expanding each of the new seasons of the competition with new countries mathematics will reach wider circles, and not only academic ones.

‘All participants in our competition are very talented. Often it is pure abstraction, seemingly unrelated to real life, which is the subject of their research, yet it is owing to their achievement that the world and science can change so fast’, says Mr. Jan Smela, the President of Ericpol Telecom.

20 PhD theses were submitted for the last season of the competition, including 13 from Poland, 4 from the Czech Republic and one each from Hungary, Ukraine and Slovakia. The winner, Dr Jakub Gismatullin from the Institute of Mathematics at the Wrocław University, was honoured with the prize of 20 000 PLN at the 4th Forum of Polish Mathematicians (1-3 July 2010 in Olsztyn). His work under the title “G-Compactness and Groups” was written under the supervision of Professor Ludomir Newelski. The jury also nominated 4 other people for the prize:

  • Radosław Adamczak (Warsaw University, Institute of Mathematics),
  • Sławomir Dinew (Jagiellonian University, Institute of Mathematics),
  • Paulina Grzegorek (Warsaw Polytechnics, The Institute of Mathematics and Information Technology),
  • Jan Stovicek (The Charles University, Prague, faculty of Algebra).

‘Our initiative is becoming increasingly interesting. The competition invites excellent work at an increasingly high level. This year’s season will provide a certain breakthrough, as our competition has already reached 90 mathematics centres in Europe’, adds Professor Stefan Jackowski, the President of PTM.

Works for the third season of the competition can be submitted until 31 January 2011.

The jury will announce the winner by the end of May 2011, and the award ceremony will take place in Łódź, on 11-15 September 2011, during the Polish-Israeli Forum of Mathematics. The forum programme includes research conducted both in Israel and in Poland. There are plans to hold plenary sessions with specially invited lecturers, and other theme-based sessions, each co-chaired by an Israeli and Polish mathematician. This will be a second science forum organized by the Polish Mathematical Association in cooperation with a mathematical association from another country, in this case with the Israeli Mathematics Union. The First Joint International Meeting between the American Mathematical Society and the Polish Mathematical Society was held in Warsaw in 2007.

For more information about the competition:

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