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Ericpol is now part of Ericsson

The design of the new office building of Ericpol in Lodz

28 June 2012

Modernity coupled with a reference to the style of former factory buildings in Lodz – this is how the new, two-wing office building of Ericpol in Lodz will look. The design for the office building was prepared by HORIZONE Studio, an architectural studio in Krakow.

The office building will be constructed within the boundaries of the Lodz Special Economic Zone, in the city centre, at the junction of Sienkiewicza and Tymienieckiego streets, on the site of the former Scheibler’s palace garden and Olimpia swimming pool. It will provide a workplace for the 800 employees of the company’s Lodz branch office. The estimated investment value will be more than PLN 40 million.

‘According to the design, the building will open onto the green space of the historical park, filled with trees that are considered national monuments’, emphasized Stefan Znarowski, Deputy General Director at Ericpol.

The modern four-storey Ericpol building will be built next to the historical industrial buildings of Lodz. The design of the building was positively assessed by the Voivodship Monument Conservator. ‘When developing the concept, the designers carried out professional and thorough functional and silhouette analyses as a result of which the modern facility became a harmonious part of Karl Wilhelm Scheibler’s factory’,  said Wojciech Szygendowski, Lodz Voivodship Monument Conservator.

The main components of the office building will be two four-storey wings, connected with a glazed elevated walkway with a lift lobby. The X-shape building enables the optimum use of the area and flexible development of the office space. In addition to normal office spaces, glazed conference halls for the employees and recreation rooms will be built on each floor.

The theme of the building elevations is a reference to the style of 19th century factory buildings. The new Ericpol office building was designed so as to maximally reduce operating costs and any negative impacts on the environment. The investor’s and designers’ ambition is that it meets the standards of modern, environmentally-friendly office buildings.

‘ When designing the new Ericpol office building, we used the long-term experience gained when designing the office buildings in Western Europe’, emphasised Robert Strzeński from Horizone Studio.

The western courtyard will lead directly to the park, where a green area with benches and small architectural features will be arranged – a place of corporate meetings and recreation. Also special places for bicycles will be designed around the building and in the garage.

This is not the first project by the Lodz company to pay respect to the city’s history. In 2005, the company purchased a building at 8 Dowborczyków street, which was derelict at that time, which was used as a woollen product warehouse one hundred years ago. In 2007, the building was completely renovated. Now, it is a comfortable workplace for more than 200 telecommunication software developers. The adapted factory was nominated for the competition for ‘The Best Interior of 2008’, organised by Piotrkowska Street Foundation in Lodz.

Ericpol is in the business of designing and developing software for telecommunication and M2M and for enterprises whose activity is based on modern technologies. It is the largest Polish exporter in the ICT industry, leader among suppliers of software for the telecommunication industry and of dedicated solutions, and the largest IT company in Lodzkie Voivodship. The company was established in 1991. Its main production centres are situated in Lodz, Krakow and Warsaw. It also operates subsidiaries in Ukraine, Belarus and Sweden. Currently, the whole Ericpol Group employs more than 1500 people.

Horizone Studio specialises in designing technologically advanced office buildings, public-utility and residential buildings. Horizone’s architects gained their experience in Poland and in the most innovative and demanding markets of Europe; Germany, Sweden and Ireland. They co-designed, among others, the building of the Polish Aviation Museum in Krakow, which has been recently nominated for the Mies van den Rohe Award, the most prestigious European architectural award. The studio is one of the founders of PLGBC Polish Green Building Council.

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