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The 4th edition of Banach Prize: dr Andras Mathe awarded

5 July 2012

Dr Andras Mathe, Hungarian mathematician received The International Stefan Banach Prize funded by Ericpol on the 5th of July in Krakow. The official award presentation took place during special session of 6th European Congress of Mathematics.

Jan Smela Chairman of Ericpol, founder of the Prize and the sponsor of the Congress handed in the diploma and an award worth 5000 EUR to the laureate. One can never know where mathematics will appear and what it will change. Sometimes we have to wait for many years, even centuries, until it unexpectedly revolutionises the world. We have come together in Kraków, so I have to refer to the work of a logical genius who lived in our city for some time. If Ludwik Wittgenstein had not learnt mathematics, the famous Proposition 5.101 of Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus would have never existed. Proposition 5.101 is a demonstration of the transformation of conditional clauses like ‘If C, then A”into”TFTT’. 5.101 became the basis of contemporary information technology and I, like the employees and clients of our company, and the remaining 7 billion people around the world, are all beneficiaries of mathematicians’ work’, emphasized Jan Smela.

The award-winning dissertation entitled ‘The isomorphism problem of Hausdorff measures and Hoelder restrictions of functions’ was written under the supervision of Professor Miklós Laczkovich of the Institute of Mathematics at the Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest, Hungary. In his thesis Mathe solved an open problem in geometric measure theory about a fundamental property of Hausdorff measures, showing that these measures of various dimensions are essentially different.

This year’s competition drew entries from contestants from 12 different countries Eastern and Central Europe and Scandinavia. 14 doctoral dissertations from Poland, Ukraine, Finland, Norway and Hungary were submitted. Apart from the main prize, the Jury awarded four distinctions to the following scholars:

  • Matti Vihola, PhD, Jyvaskla University, Finland, for the work entitled ‘On the convergence of unconstrained adaptive Markov chain Monte Carlo algorithms’
  • Simone Cifani, PhD, University of Science and Technology, Norway, for the work entitled ‘On nonlinear fractional convection-diffusion equations’
  • Karol Palka, PhD, Institute of Mathematics, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland, for the work entitled ‘Singular Q-homology planes’
  • Laszlo Vegh, PhD, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA / Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Hungary, for the work entitled ‘Connectivity augmentation algorithms’

The International Stefan Banach Prize for outstanding doctoral dissertations in mathematical sciences has been awarded since 2009 by a jury composed of mathematicians from the Polish Mathematical Society, a laureate from the previous edition and a representative from Ericpol, the sponsor of the prize. The prize was established in 2008 by Ericpol and the Polish Mathematical Society as a token of recognition for mathematics and the role it plays in the modern world. The purpose of this initiative is also to popularize the achievements of Stefan Banach and Polish science in general. The prize amounts to PLN 20 thousand, and is one of the largest financial awards granted in the field of mathematics in Poland.

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