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Solutions by Ericpol to support active lifestyles and healthy ageing

20 April 2015

Ericpol, the Medical University of Łódź and the Occupational Medicine Institute have signed an Agreement on developing the EIT Health Poland Cooperation Platform. A signing ceremony took place on 16.04.2015 at the new office of the Łódź Regional Development Agency.

The new platform is tasked with creating space for cooperation between the business community and the scientific and educational community within the framework of the Knowledge and Innovation Triangle. EIT Health Poland will be an umbrella brand for the most important projects in the region and across the country related to healthy lifestyle and active ageing.

fot. Agnieszka Gałązka-Kaczmarek, UMed

fot. Agnieszka Gałązka-Kaczmarek, UMed

The City of Łódź and the Łódź Regional Development Agency have been invited to participate in strengthening the potential of the EIT Health Poland platform, and declared their support for the initiative by signing letters of intent.
“This is a tremendous opportunity for our region. We want to demonstrate that the ageing of our city’s community is not a problem, but rather a challenge. Our position in Europe and in participation in future Junctions of Knowledge and Innovation depend on how we take advantage of the potential provided by the EIT consortium,” admits prof. Lucyna Woźniak, Vice Rector for Science at the Medical University of Łódź.

“In forming the EIT Health Poland Cooperation Platform in Łódź, we are attempting to provide residents of Poland and the Łódź region with the first opportunity to take advantage of innovative solutions supporting an active lifestyle and healthy ageing. The idea is to work together with scientific institutions and universities in order to implement ideas developed as part of the European project EIT Health. This is not the first such initiative with Ericpol’s participation that brings together the worlds of business and higher education. It is part of a broader strategy named Ericpol Science Ecosystem,” says PhD Eng. Marek Gajowniczek, Director of Programming at Ericpol Sp. z o.o. “There are more and more areas in which IT is providing support to medicine. An important element of “the Internet of things” in a linked world is software, including the software we at Ericpol have been developing for years. In our cooperation we join our experience with the research and medical innovations that our partners are working on. These types of solutions are applied in health care and preventative medicine (e.g. SmartBand, telemedicine using mobile devices,” adds Gajowniczek.

EIT Health is an international consortium selected in December 2014 by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology as part of an open selection for successive strategic public-private partnerships (known as the Community of Knowledge and Innovation) in the area of innovations for health and active ageing. The regional partner of the consortium (Innostar) is the Medical University of Łódź, the Prof. J Nofer Occupational Medicine Institute in Łódź, and Ericpol.
EIT Health is a strong, diverse and balanced partnership comprised of leaders in education, technology and innovation.

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