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RCSA installation comes to an end

19 June 2015

The Real Complex Systems Analyser (RCSA) will weigh 50 tonnes and will be in the shape of a cylinder. It will be four and a half metres tall and have a diameter of sixteen metres. Installation operations are well underway at the Łódź Technopark. Ericpol is responsible for the design and installation of RCSA, providing software and the start of the machine.


The machine has the potential to revolutionize scientific research, it is to be faster, cheaper and extremely precise. The use of the RCSA will significantly reduce the time required to carry out research, and it will also enable significant cost savings. The RCSA will be put into service before the end of this year. The device will be a part of the Laboratory of Molecular Simulations, which will be built in the new BioNanoPark building.

– The RCSA is an extremely complex digital system, which works differently than so-called supercomputers. The machine, even though it does not contain microprocessors, allows simultaneous analysis of eg. the reaction of chemical systems containing about a million molecules. This information is necessary in the production process of chemical products and drugs – explains Dr Bogdan Wasilewski, president of the Łódź Technopark.

The capabilities of the RCSA will depend mainly on the research team using it. If scientists adequately define the task, they will instantly receive a solution. It will be handled by a team of engineers and specialists from various industries. Simulations using the RCSA will shorten the time of laboratory tests and reduce the cost of their conduct.

The device is so large that it was necessary to design a whole building specifically for its use. Due to the proximity of the airport, the RCSA is closed in a Faraday cage. Consuming half a megawatt of power, the machine cannot in the least interfere with operation of the airport.

The Łódź University of Technology is the originator of the concept of the construction and operation of the RCSA. The license was purchased by the Technopark, which is currently the owner of the RCSA. Ericpol is responsible for the design of electronic systems, construction and installation of the whole device, providing software, and carrying out tests and starting the RCSA.

The complete frame structure of the device, an uninterruptible power supply connected to a distribution board and a ready to use electrical installation are already in the building, in which the RCSA will be operating. The installation of power supplies and wire routing are currently underway. – The cooling installation is waiting for the the second leak test, which will be the final test. A positive result will give us the green light to attach electronic boards to the frame and connect them with cables. This phase of work will take us approximately 2-3 weeks – says Adam Włodarczyk, the Project Coordinator from Ericpol.

 The following figures illustrate the complexity of the project and the dimensions of the machine:

The RCSA needs 100 km of cables with a combined total weight of 6 tonnes. The project requires coordination of supply and integration of work of approx. 20 teams. 27 thousand FPGAs will be responsible for the processing power of the RCSA. This makes it the world’s largest device that uses this solution.

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