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Polish ‘beautiful minds’ appreciated

30 June 2009

The first International Banach Prize for outstanding doctoral dissertation in the mathematical sciences has been awarded. The winner is Tomasz Elsner Ph.D. from the Institute of Mathematics of the University of Wroclaw.

The Prize was established in 2008 by the Polish Mathematical Society and Ericpol Telecom and it is the biggest mathematical prize in terms of value awarded in Poland. It is worth 20.000 zlotys and was founded to distinguish outstanding mathematical research papers and appreciate the importance these sciences have nowadays.

The Prize was presented to the winner on June 30 together with nominations for other remarkable dissertations at the inauguration of the 3rd Forum of Polish Mathematicians held in Krakow.

In total, 19 dissertations on various subjects were submitted for the competition from Poland, Ukraine, and Latvia. The jury comprising representatives of the Polish Mathematical Society and the president of Ericpol – the Prize founder – handpicked the best five. The authors of the five nominated papers were: Grzegorz Kapustka, Ph.D. (from the Jagiellonian University in Krakow,) Paweł Konieczny, Ph.D. and Filip Murlak, Ph.D. (both from University of Warsaw), Piotr Przytycki, Ph.D. (from Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences,) and Tomasz Elsner, Ph.D. (from University of Wroclaw). As has already been mentioned, the Prize went to Tomasz Elsner from University of Wroclaw., Ph.D. His work is entitled The minimal surface theory in systolic spaces and was supervised by professor Lech Tadeusz Januszkiewicz, Ph.D.

‘Polish Mathematical Society and Ericpol Telecom company together showed true commitment to organizing the event up to the highest standards. We are very happy that the business environment appreciates mathematics and has shown willingness to promote it’, said Stefan Jackowski, the head of the Polish Mathematical Society during the award ceremony.

‘Mathematics is not promoted on the first pages of newspapers or placed in the centre of politics but I assure you this is the axis of business. I hope that thanks to such initiatives it is going to be respected even more in Poland, and that the Prize will contribute to strengthening the role Polish mathematics plays in Europe and, at the same time, to popularizing the heritage of the genius Polish mathematician, professor Stefan Banach. My dream is that the next year edition of this contest will attract more women’, said Anna Smela-Kjellin, the vice president of Ericpol Telecom.

On behalf of the winner, the Prize was accepted by Tadeusz Januszkiewicz, the supervisor of the best dissertation.

The next edition of The International Banach Prize for a Doctoral Dissertation in the Mathematical Sciences for the academic year 2009-2010 is going to be extended to other East-European countries and EU member states: Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Latvia and Estonia.

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Professor Stefan Banach is the founder of functional analysis, a vast field of mathematics which has found a vast range of modern applications. Banach was known for his unconventional approach to research and rose to prominence as one of the most famous mathematicians in the world. He died on August 31, 1945 in Lvov.

Stefan Banach was also one of the founding fathers of the Polish Mathematical Society which was established in Krakow in 1919. Its mission is “a comprehensive cultivation of pure and applied mathematics by means of scientific sessions combined with lectures”, which has been carried out by organizing competitions, contests, conferences and various publications.

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