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Ericpol is now part of Ericsson

Opening of Ericpol Software Pool

27 January 2015

Ericpol has opened its new Head Office in Lodz – the Ericpol Software Pool. A four-storey Class A building, named after the former Olympia swimming pool which once occupied that site, will offer comfortable working conditions for the 800 employees of the Łódź branch. The official opening ceremony will take place on January 27 at 175 Sienkiewicza St.

The new software development centre was constructed according to an original plan in just 18 months. The entire investment cost exceeded PLN 62 million. The building offers over 12,000 sq. m of floor area. It has an X-shaped base and its two wings are linked by a lobby with glass walls. Its unique façade is further embellished by nearly 60,000 bricks hand-crafted in the Danish Porcelain Manufactory in Denmark.

To perfectly fit the industrial character of the Lodz landscape, many interiors have an architectural concrete finish. The building offers open-space areas, conference rooms as well as rest and refreshment facilities. The interior design is a direct application to the walls of the 4 core values of Ericpol’s philosophy: professionalism, simplicity, customer and employee safety. Thus, the walls feature street-style murals with science, culture and sports pioneers. Their main function is to interact with onlookers, manage knowledge and help reflect on the creative potential of humanity. Based on this concept, the floor symbolising simplicity features, e.g.: Tadeusz Peiper or Claude Shannon. Ericpol’s intention was to present people important to Łódź, Poland or the world who changed the way we think and communicate with one another. The interior artwork of the newly opened software development centre was created by four students and graduates of the Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts Łódź: Natalia Grabowska, Bolesław Godziński, Marcin Wilkoszewski and Maciej Bielewicz.

The official opening ceremony will take place at 12:30 PM on January 27 in the Company’s main office, the Ericpol Software Pool, at 175 Sienkiewicza St.. Its agenda includes a discussion: “The Complex New World: The role of academic research in the technologies of the future.” Its participants will include: Mikael Anneroth, Ericsson; Sergey Chekhmenok, Ph.D., and GameStream; Dan Petersen, Ph.D., winner of the 6th edition of the Banach Prize competition and Assistant Professor at the University of Copenhagen; Piotr Durka, Ph.D., Warsaw University and Prof. Harald Kjellin, Ericpol AB. During the discussion the participants will attempt to answer the question of what the result of combining exact sciences and new technologies in the near future will be.

“For many years Ericpol has been working closely with academic researchers. We support young mathematicians, we collaborate with universities and during the design stage of our new software development centre we used cutting-edge innovative construction solutions. I can assure you that this is one of the most modern buildings in Poland,” said Jan Smela, Ericpol CEO.

Suspended ceilings and traditional air conditioning was replaced by thermally activated building structures (TABS). There are only two other such buildings in Poland. Ericpol’s main office was built according to the principles of sustainable development. Extensive glass walls offer a proper inflow of natural light. To reduce the power consumption of the air conditioning, we used low-emission layered panes in façades with a high exposure to sunlight. During the next two years, the building will learn the behaviour of its users to be able to adapt to their needs in the future.

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