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Ericpol is now part of Ericsson

Year 2008

‘The International S. Banach Prize’ – a new award in the field of mathematical sciences

15 October 2008

Banach PrizeMathematical thinking constitutes the foundations of our civilisation – with this thought in mind, the Polish Mathematical Society together with Ericpol Telecom have established an international award for an outstanding doctoral dissertation in the mathematical sciences. read details »

Ericpol’s good position in „Teleinfo500” report

25 August 2008

In this year’s edition of the „Polish ICT Market Teleinfo500” report Ericpol Telecom secures its high position known from previous reports. Ericpol is still the largest one among IT companies in the Lodz province. read details »

Ericpol Telecom generated more than 10% of Polish IT export value

16 June 2008

Ericpol Telecom Sp. z o.o. (Inc.) is the largest Polish producer of software to order and the second largest exporter in the IT sector in Poland according to the latest TOP200 ranking. read details »

‘Teraz Polska’ emblem for Ericpol Telecom

13 June 2008

One of the laureates of the eighteenth edition of the ‘Teraz Polska’ competition, in the category of products and services, is drEryk program for medical practice which was jointly created by Ericpol Telecom and the College of General Practitioners in Poland. read details »

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