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Ericpol is now part of Ericsson

New Business Office of Ericpol Telecom is opened

15 September 2010

The modern class A office building situated within the Special Economic Zone in Kraków was formally opened at midday on 13 September this year. Clients and partners of Ericpol participated in the ceremony as well as representatives from the worlds of science and politics.

The new building located at 12 Bobrzyńskiego Street comprises about 600 workstations, administrative facilities, a canteen, convenient kitchens, recreation and conference rooms. The building works took 15 months and the total investment amounted to 28 million PLN.

‘This practical, simple, functional and elegant building, transparent in terms of its layout – and as I hope – well reflecting the character of our company, has been constructed first of all thanks to all our hard work and discipline, experience and the people who skilfully use it as well as to the wise slogan* which has been guiding us since the foundation of the company’, emphasised Jan Smela, the President of Ericpol Telecom.

During the ceremony there were also speeches by a representative of the Ericsson company, the Małopolska Voivodeship, Stanisław Kracik, and the President of the City of Kraków, Prof. Jacek Majchrowski. ‘Such investments as this confirm that Kraków is a flourishing business centre which is developing towards innovation and implementation technologies. Thanks to consistent policies and higher education establishments in Kraków, our city is now associated with modern technologies and outsourcing’, the President said. He also added that the location of IT companies in Kraków presents a huge opportunity for science graduates.

A significant part of the ceremony was a trade debate on opportunities for the export of Polish IT in which the President of Ericpol Telecom – Jan Smela, the President of Ericsson Poland – Staffan Henriksson, the Managing Director of Motorola Poland – Jacek Drabik, the Voivode Stanisław Kracik and Sławomir Kopeć, the President of the Kraków Technology Park all participated.

Ericpol is the biggest domestic producer of software to order, the largest supplier in the telecommunications area and the biggest exporter in the field of ICT business. The company employs over 1000 people in Poland, Sweden, Belarus and Ukraine. Ericpol offers consultancy services as well as creating and testing software for infrastructure contractors and telecommunications operators.

Two years ago the company completed the conversion of a one hundred-year-old factory in Łódź to fit the needs of a modern business office. The total investment exceeded 15 million PLN. The converted factory was nominated for the “Best Interior of the Year 2008” award in Łódź.

* The company’s motto: Business is the process of satisfying the client and not the production of goods or provision of services.

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