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Led Zeppelin: the future of mobile advertising

10 April 2008

‘Mobile Services’ Conference
28-29th May 2008, Business Centre Club, Warsaw

How to run mass advertising campaigns employing convergent media and make money with it? Answers to this and more questions will be given by Dominik Skrobacz from Ericpol Telecom at the conference ‘Mobile Services’ (Polish: Usługi mobilne).

The world’s mobile advertising will grow by over one third this year and it is projected to stand at several billion dollars by 2012. It’s a chance to make big money that operators can’t miss.

‘I’m going to present the technical possibilities of creating a world of users who, via their mobile phones, receive only the content they welcome, take interest in, and thanks to which they can use telecom services for free. No mistakes, no spam. In such a world, mobile ads of interesting form and content are personalized to reach relevant users, ideally matching their profiles and requirements, coming just in the right time and place. All this happens in the global reality of today, where users can enjoy convenient mobility provided by the convergence of end-user terminals. It’s a virtual stairway to heaven for both users and operators’, says Dominik Skrobacz, System Architect at Ericpol Telecom. ‘On the other hand, I’m also going to mention a number of serious obstacles we have to face, such as the fact that mobile advertising is to a large extent terra incognita and each media house uses a different set of standards, that the mobile screen is of a limited size, and on top of it all, that tools for verifying the effectiveness of such advertising are hard to get’, he adds.

The presentation is based on an analysis of the concert by Led Zeppelin, a legendary rock band, given in December 2007 in London.

For a few years now, in co-operation with leading telecom companies, Ericpol Telecom has been carrying out R&D in IMS architecture components. IMS, which stands for IP Media Subsystem, enables telecom systems to evolve towards total media convergence.

Ericpol shows its IMS portfolio, including the Video Blog application with elements of advertising, at the largest fairs and telecom summits in the world.

The conference ‘Mobile Services’ will cover issues concerning mobile TV, payment and advertising.

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