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IT Systems and Networks

20 October 2006

At the 14th Conference ‘IT Systems and Networks’ Ericpol Telecom gave a presentation on ‘Service delivery platforms based on Parlay/OSA’.

Ericpol Telecom, a member of the Parlay Group and a Polish market leader in the field of Parlay services for telecommunications, Ericpol Telecom plays an active role in the development of standards and service platforms for the telecom market worldwide.

The key point of the presentation was the assumption that providing value-added services requires a change of approach: from offering mass-market services only to addressing various niches with very dedicated services used by a relatively low number of customers. Therefore, web services seem to be the best choice as an implementation method for value-added services for telecommunications.

The ‘IT Systems and Networks’ Conference has been organized by the Technical University of Łódź for fourteen years. The main organizers of this year’s event were the Division of Computer Networks assisted by the Computer Centre, the Institute of Computer Science and the Computer Engineering Department of the Technical University of Łódź.

The conference served as a forum for an exchange of academic experience and views on modern distributed computer systems. Among the participants were scientists from Polish and foreign universities and some of the top players in the Polish IT market.

The conference was an excellent opportunity to discuss various issues related to IT networks and telecom systems, services based on grid platforms, signal computing and analysis, IT in medicine and ecology, telecom network security and many, many more.
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