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IMS 2.0 World Forum

28 April 2007

The Polish company Ericpol Telecom will close the IMS 2.0 World Forum in Monte Carlo with a workshop entitled ‘IMS Realism – Practical Steps to Develop a Vendor Neutral Service Creation Environment’. The workshop will be attended by world leaders of the telecom market: operators and providers of telecom infrastructure and tools.

Ericpol Telecom, which ranks as the second largest exporter of IT services in Poland, has got a world unique catalogue of IMS applications, being the only company in Central and Eastern Europe which conducts advanced R&D in IMS technology.

The seminar crowning the IMS 2.0 World Forum in Monaco will be run by Walter Zieliński, Ericpol Telecom CTO. Among the participants of the workshop will be representatives of Ericsson, Orange Poland, BEA Systems Inc. and CA|Wily Technology Division.

‘The very basis of the workshop subject matter is the current market reality as seen through the experiences gained in a number of projects’, says Walter Zieliński. ‘We work in IMS with customers in Europe, USA and Australia. Our engineers conduct implementation and integration work on site for various operators and providers, and that’s why we’ve been invited to run a workshop at the Forum.’

IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) is a technology which allows telecom operators to deliver services based on the IP protocol, using the SIP/DIAMETER technology. As it combines the Internet, TV and fixed and mobile telephony, IMS is becoming the key technology in the field of convergent telecom solutions. The technology makes it possible to implement the most advanced services. While being fast and accessible, it also offers high quality and low costs.

Ericpol IMS solutions integrate the advantages of modern technologies (IN, NGN) with simplicity of use and maintenance. A demo of two pioneering IMS solution developed by Ericpol, the prepaid and televoting applications, was shown at the 3GSM Congress (Barcelona) in February and CTIA Wireless (Orlando) in March this year.

The IMS 2.0 Forum in Fairmont Monte Carlo, organized for the forth time, provides a platform for discussion on the prospects for further development of IMS technology and IP convergence. For five days, 23-27 April, 85 speakers from over 40 telco giants will be sharing their know-how and experience related to IMS.

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