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Ericpol is now part of Ericsson


Ericpol, the largest Polish exporter in the ICT industry*, is a privately owned company established in 1991 and based in Poland. Apart from its locations in Łódź, Kraków, Gniezno and Warsaw, the company has subsidiary in Ukraine and employs over 2200 people.

Facts and Milestones:


  • Ericpol Sp. z o.o. – start-up of operation in Łódź.
  • First project for Ericsson in the field of tests.

Employment: 5

  • First intelligent network (IN) project completed for Ericsson.

Employment: 14

  • First project in the NMT analogue mobile communication networks.

Employment: 25

  • First outsourcing project in the field of software development for fixed core networks and headquarters for a foreign client, completed in Poland.
  • First projects for access and core networks including 2G GSM technology.
  • First project for telco operator.
  • Participation in the implementation of the GSM radio access network in Poland at the time of the GSM technology emergence on the market.
  • Opening of the Kraków office.

Employment: 60

  • First framework agreement with Ericsson.

Employment: 90

  • Certification of the local IT environment and software, and first connection to the contractor’s R&D network.

Employment: 110

  • Preparation, designs, consultations and technical support for the 2000 Millennium Bug.
  • New office in Łódź.

Employment: 110

  • Ericpol becomes Ericsson’s strategic partner in the field of R&D.

Employment: 130

  • Launch of long-term outsourcing projects for a global provider and creation of a new business unit of RAN BSC.
  • Establishment of the local Ericpol Education and Training department.

Employment: 135

  • First adoption of system and product responsibility of the constructor in the field of GSM technology.
  • Opening of the Warsaw office.

Employment: 200

  • Ericpol becomes a research-and-development centre for the Radio GSM products of the contractor.
  • Opening of the following subsidiaries: Ericpol AB in Linköping, Sweden, and Ericpol TZOV in Lviv, Ukraine.

Employment: 388

  • Ericpol becomes Leader of Modern Technologies.
  • Ericpol executes ICT projects in over 50 countries.
  • Expansion of activity in the area of added services and IMS and NGN applications.
  • World’s first commercial implementation of IN Parlay and introduction of the added service for the business segment.

Employment: 587

  • Ericpol assumes responsibility for the maintenance and development of the IN-SSF platform as the contractor’s strategic product.
  • The first Automotive project started at Ericpol.
  • Ericpol is selected as sub-provider of the open platform of added services of IN Parlay for Orange UK.
  • Ericpol is granted the ISO 9001:2000 certificate.

Employment: 697

  • Ericpol expands its outsourcing activity in the field of modern technologies, and assumes part of responsibility for the maintenance and development of the 3G (RAN RNC) access mobile telephony.
  • Opening of the IOOO Ericpol subsidiary in Brest, Belarus.

Employment: 780

  • Ericpol receives the “Teraz Polska” (“Now Poland”) award.
  • Opening of the new Software Development Centre in Łódź.
  • Ericpol is granted the ISO 14001:2004 certificate.

Employment: 790

  • Ericpol, together with the Belarusian subsidiary, forms 5 international teams working in the Agile/SCRUM methodology in the area of development and maintenance of the VAS application. Works are conducted in Brest and Poland.
  • According to the IDG TOP 200 ranking, Ericpol becomes the largest Polish exporter of services in the ICT industry.

Employment: 870

  • Opening of the new office in Kraków.
  • Ericpol joins GENIVI Alliance.

Employment: 1050


  • Ericpol ranked as one of 100 best global outsourcing companies (according to the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals).
  • Ericpol among the world’s 500 biggest software and IT companies (according to ‘The Software 500’ ranking).
  • Ericpol celebrated 20 years of its market presence.

Employment: 1390


  • Half of the company works in Agile methodologies
  • Ericpol records a 25% increase in sales
  • Ericpol Telecom shortens its name to Ericpol

Employment: 1715


  • Ericpol enters public and banking sectors successfully

Employment: 1815


  • Opening of the Gniezno office
  • Ericpol wins a prestigious bid for the design and realization of Real Complex Systems Analyser
  • Ericpol expands its activity in the field of OSS/BSS services
  • The number of Ericpol’s Employees extends 2000 people

Employment: 2125


  • Opening of Ericpol Software Pool, the company’s new head office in Łódz
  • Rebranding – the new logotype of Ericpol
  • Ericsson is to acquisite Ericpol’s operations in Poland and Ukraine
  • Ericpol is awarded the 2015 Employer of Tomorrow title

Employment: 2200

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