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Ericpol's spring blood donation campaign

2 June 2015

 The spring blood donation campaign at Ericpol is starting. A bloodmobile will arrive on Thursday 9.00 a.m. at the Cracow office at ul. Bobrzyńskiego 12.

The campaign aims to gather blood supplies and register potential stem cell donors.  After filling in the appropriate form, a small blood sample will be taken, which will be transferred to the Center for the Organization and Coordination of Transplantation Affairs “Poltransplant”, where it will be tested.

– You just have to apply with your ID card and pass the medical qualification. – says Anna Groszyk, coordinator of the campaign. – So far 50 employees willing to donate have signed up in Cracow, but we warmly welcome all who wish to support our Campaign. The bus will be waiting in the gravel car park at the Ericpol office in Ruczaj – she adds. A day earlier – on Wednesday – the bloodmobile visited the headquarters of the company in Łódz.

How can you become a blood donor? On the evening before the donation you should eat an easily digestible dinner, and in the morning – a fat-free breakfast, because lipemic blood is not suitable for medicinal purposes. You should drink at least 0.5 l of fluids during breakfast. It is important to remember to stop drinking alchohol four days before the scheduled blood donation. After donating blood, the donor may receive a certificate to justify his absence from work.

Ericpol is an engineering company that has been operating on international ICT market since 1991. The company provides outsourcing, consulting and integration services as well as dedicated solutions in telecommunications, M2M (machine to machine), IoT (Internet of Things), healthcare, finances&banking and business solutions area. Ericpol consists of 4 offices in Poland and 3 production centres in Ukraine, Belarus and Sweden, employing 2200 people.

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