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Ericpol is now part of Ericsson

Ericpol values

Works and services performed in the international environment, as well as long-term relations with Scandinavian business partners resulted in the creation of high internal organisational, business and social culture within Ericpol. Our code of conduct determines the basic values, methods of operation and relations between employees, clients and partners all over the world.

  • The security of our customers

In providing a service, we guarantee that we have the appropriate competences, expertise and resources to complete the commission diligently and in a timely manner.

  • The security of our staff

Ericpol guarantees its staff employment in a stable and long-established company, where work regulations are clear and understandable.

  • Simplification

We believe that every product and every service can be made or provided in a simpler, better and cheaper way. Simplifying procedures and solutions saves time and accelerates the course of business and production processes.

  • Professionalism

We understand the term “professionalism” to mean performing one’s duties while paying as much attention to detail as possible.

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