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Ericpol is now part of Ericsson

Ericpol Telecom tops ICT exporters ranking in Poland

18 June 2009

Ericpol Telecom is the largest Polish ICT exporter and the leading telecommunications software supplier in the country, according to the latest Top200 Computerworld Report.

With 18 years of experience in the telecommunications industry and two large development centers in Łódź and Kraków, Ericpol Telecom has finally been crowned the top Polish IT exporter. The company has also become the most popular software provider on the telecommunications market. This progress has recently been confirmed in the new edition of the TOP200 ranking listing the biggest IT companies and corporate groups in Poland.

For the past few years, Ericpol Telecom has consistently ranked among the leaders in ‘exporter’ and ICT supplier’ categories of the TOP200, finishing twice a runner-up and once the leader in custom software design. In 2007 alone, Ericpol Telecom was responsible for over 10% of Polish IT export . The revenue generated in this sector in 2008 amounted to 108.5m zloty, which gave Ericpol an unchallenged leadership with a secure 35m zloty gap separating it from the second company on the list.

‘I am very pleased that we have managed to come out on top, however, there is a bitter sweet taste to the victory as the figures show that the overall IT export value has fallen. We hope that next year we are going to see more improvement – crisis creates opportunities to generate more income and we know that the global market can appreciate Polish engineers’, says Marek Gajowniczek, Ericpol Telecom CEO.

TOP200 is a ranking of IT and telecommunications companies and an annual report on the condition of the Polish ICT market prepared by a team of IDC Poland analysts and Computerworld Magazine journalists.

Ericpol Telecom Sp. z o.o. is a Polish company established in 1991 in Łódź. The company specializes in outsourcing and consulting aservices and designing dedicated solutions for the biggest ICT infrastructure suppliers and telecommunications providers in the world. It has carried out a wide variety of projects in 70 countries around the globe. Ericpol Group employ over 800 people in Poland, Sweden, Belarus and Ukraine.

According to the TOP200 report, in 2008 Ericpol placed:

  • 1st among companies with income from export
  • 1st among companies with income from telecommunications sector services
  • 3rd among software to order producers
  • 16th among IT service providers

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