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Ericpol is now part of Ericsson

Ericpol Telecom: Innovator of the Year

2 April 2007

Ericpol Telecom has been honoured with the “Innovator of the Year” award in the domain of telecommunications. The award was granted by Bea Systems Inc., the world leader on the market for application servers.

The honourable title was received by representatives of the Ericpol IMS team (IP Multimedia Subsystem) at a kick-off meeting for BEA Partners in Warsaw on March 29, 2007. Ericpol was the only company to be awarded during the meeting.

‘The award reflects Ericpol’s leading position among software vendors and IMS experts in Europe. It also proves that we are appreciated by BEA, a top company on the market for application servers, setting current integration trends and shaping a new IMS reality’, says Walter Zieliński, Ericpol CTO.

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