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Ericpol Telecom at the 3rd Computerworld Conference – The Quality of IT Systems

23 May 2006

At the conference Ericpol presented its standards for predicting and assessing the complexity of IT projects, developed during 15 years of its operation in international markets.

On 23rd May, 2006 Ericpol Telecom participated in the 3rd edition of the Conference on the Quality of IT Systems. The Company presented its own concept of how to predict and assess the complexity of IT projects. It raised the following issues: the practical importance of measurements and statistics, tools and applied solutions and their interrelations with the improved quality of production and implementation processes.

As one of the largest Polish IT exporters operating within the specific telecommunications environment, Ericpol Telecom has unique, first-hand experience in the execution and organization of complex IT projects in the field of telecommunications. The conclusions drawn from the experience are also applied to projects carried out for other industries.

Among the conference speakers were representatives of the largest Polish IT companies as well as foreign guests. They discussed such issues as: quality prospects, methodologies and procedures, quality measurement and assurance.

The Conference, organized by the weekly Computerworld, took place on 22-24 May, 2006 in the “Warszawianka” Congress Centre in Jachranka.
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