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Ericpol is now part of Ericsson

Ericpol seeks to recruit 100 employees

27 February 2009

This spring we are planning to employ 100 people in Łódź and Kraków. Successful candidates will be open-minded and have analytical skills. We are looking for people able to adapt and cooperate in multinational teams.

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We specialize in telecommunications outsourcing and consulting services. Our company ranks among the largest Polish exporters in the advanced technologies industry and the biggest custom software manufacturer in the country. We have been trading internationally for the past 18 years and currently employ 800 workers in Poland, Sweden, Ukraine and Belarus.

The vast majority of our services are addressed to Western European customers. Ericpol is one of the few Polish companies boasting several years of experience in GSM (2G) technology. Moreover, for the past few years we have been actively involved in UMTS (3G) research.

‘The global economic crisis has two faces’,  says Ericpol Telecom CEO Marek Gajowniczek – ‘On the one hand it ruthlessly verifies the real potential of companies worldwide, but on the other hand, it provides a true opportunity for flexible and competitive enterprises like ours’.

With new projects ahead, Ericpol is launching a recruitment campaign.

‘We are looking for open-minded people with analytical skills who can adapt smoothly to work in international teams. Potential employees must be willing to learn, as we are offering intensive training, both in Poland and also abroad, aimed to raise technical and project competence’,  says Katarzyna Kmak-Tendera, responsible for recruitment at Ericpol.

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