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Ericpol is now part of Ericsson

Ericpol on TOP in the telecommunications and outsourcing sectors

2 July 2013

The prestigious TOP200 report has confirmed the strong position of Ericpol in the Polish market of IT services. For five years, the company has taken the first place in the category of the largest supplier of solutions and services for the IT sector. Ericpol is also the leader among the companies providing outsourcing services.
Maintaining high revenue in telecommunications and outsourcing is not the only success of the company. According to this year’s 22nd edition of TOP200 report for 2012, Ericpol is among the first five IT companies in Poland with dynamic employment rate growth (categories: the highest employment rate and the greatest employment rate growth).

‘With revenue of 263 M, we have taken the 31st place in the ranking of the largest IT companies operating in Poland; a few years ago we were ranked at the end of the first hundred. Looking at our current position from the perspective of the last years, it can be seen how strong and dynamic organization we are. Since 1991, we have been going forward all the time’, says Paweł Szczerkowski, CEO of Ericpol.

TOP200, the Computerworld report, is the most complete ranking of the Polish IT market. The ceremony of giving the awards for the market leaders was held on 26 June in the halls of the Ministry of Economy and was preceded with the presentation of the results of the report. The programme included a debate concerning risk in IT projects.

The high position of Ericpol among the Polish companies is also confirmed by the latest ranking of 1,000 largest companies in Poland prepared by Gazeta Finansowa, where Ericpol took the 602nd position. In the telecommunications/IT sector, where the first places are held by capital groups with Orange as the leader, Ericpol is ranked on the 21st place.

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