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Ericpol on the IT Leader 2011 congress

15 September 2011

The lecture opening two-day long IT Leader congress will give Jan Smela, founder, owner and Executive President of Ericpol. The conference, which will be held on the 28th-29th of September, 2011 in Warsaw will bring up such themes as IT development trends in the company, IT strategy’s influence on company’s business future and IT manager’s development strategy.

IT Leader 2011 congress focuses on the issues connected with management and business cooperation from IT manager’s point of view. During this two-day long meeting the representatives of the biggest Polish companies and institutions will discuss the following:

  • Directions of IT development in a modern company
  • IT strategy vs. general business strategy
  • How an IT manager can co-operate on the business future of the company?

In his speech Jan Smela will answer the question: ‘How to create something out of nothing? How to set the stage and operate for one’s own and somebody’s benefit?’

‘My lecture’s title is a bit deceitful. I am an MSc in Engineering Physics and I’ve never heard about a single case of creation out of nothing. There must always be something at the very beginning. A particle, an energy, an idea, a word, and then an action. As far as I’m concerned, an action preceded a word. It is a great honour for me and my company to share my experience and idea during the IT Leader congress’, says Jan Smela.

The IT Leader congress will be held on the 28th-29th of September in Westin Hotel, Warsaw. This event will gather Polish managers, CIO’s, consultants, coaches and public administration representatives.

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